Modulo 1 --- Module n°1

Ecco il primo modello per i segnalibri modulari:
there is the first module for modular tatted bookmarks:

In rosso il lavoro della navetta 1
In blu il lavoro della navetta 2

in red shuttle 1 
in blue shuttle 2

Split ring, Sh2  5-3
                 Sh1  5-3 
Sh2, Ring  3+5-5-3
Sh1, Ring 3+5-5-3

Split ring Sh2 5+3
                Sh1 5+3 

Now you can start another motif, since you have the threads ready in the correct working position. 

I'll add  a photo in a plain, bright color to be more clear in the explanation. 



ADD-ON: a picture of the  finished module in two colors:

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